Re: SB Lathe 9 x 36 Mod# CL 277Y Ser# 43116NBR9


If you are interested, I'm sure someone on the list can tell you where you can get a copy of the shipping card that gives more details on your South 

Bend lathe(s) than just the ship date.  Seems to me Grizzly has taken over that responsibility. Cost s $25.00 as I remember.  In my opinion, well worth it!

Nelson Wood

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Late 9/59 to early 10/59
Jim B.
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Thanks Jim
SN in subject line; looks as if maybe 1959 or so???   Ser# 43116NBR9
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There will be a serial number stamped into the bed on the tailstock end. From that you can get the ship date. 
Please visit the files section of the home group page. The techinfo folder. 
Jim B,

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I just finished driving 'round trip to San Diego and thereby finally fulfilling my long ago promise to pick up Dad's old South Bend lathe
Its now home in Pilot Mt, NC, and I'm trying to figure out what I've got. I believe it is a Type B 9" x 36" which came equipped as a "Floor Standing" model with cast legs and a drip pan. V belt horizontal drive; 1/2 hp 4 pole motor with reversing switch
Maybe late 1950's vintage? I found the cat #  (CL 277Y) in an online 1960 SB catalog pdf
My plan is to learn a bit about it, and then install new felts, etc before using. It looks in fair shape overall, though I didn't seem to get the change gears with it (are there about a dozen in all?)
Appreciate any newbie resource links. I may order felts kit with overhaul manual and lubricants I found on ebay if you concur


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