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That's very interesting. My Fourteen has a D1-4. Always thought it was D1-3 until recently, when I measured all the mounting dimensions and found it is the larger size.  So now I know a bit more about when it was built.  Thanks!

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FYI: the FOURTEEN came with a D1-3 spindle up until about 1973


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FYI, the SB Fourteen (14VS) is a D1-4 spindle

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I don't remember seeing a serial number from the late 1940's for a D1-3., but it was an option. The later 14VS and the 1307 had them, I believe.

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 Are you sure about that info ????  
I'm not sure. I have had at least 2 machines (13" and a Heavy 10) with the CLC catalog number and neither one had a D1-4.    Both had 2 speed motors....

Very nice looking machine, could you post your serial number please.
The CLC is part of the catalog number, identifying the spindle nose. 
CLC = D1-4 Cam Lock spindle.
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