Re: 13” Southbend Lathe Model No.

Steve Wells

Most all CLC serial numbers I've seen have D1-4's, but I can't say for sure that after stamping that was the spindle shipped or remained in the lathe. CB was also D1-4, CLK was the long taper and I've seen CLO or(0) listed, but I think that might be a mis read CLC. I'm not sure of the later lathes that had the D1-3 option.
I finished your dial this evening, mailing in the AM.
Ps, I'm kinda liking the chemical process of making the black oxide thumb screws, very interesting to watch them turn black and then seal up with oil.

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 Are you sure about that info ????  
I'm not sure. I have had at least 2 machines (13" and a Heavy 10) with the CLC catalog number and neither one had a D1-4.    Both had 2 speed motors....

Very nice looking machine, could you post your serial number please.
The CLC is part of the catalog number, identifying the spindle nose. 
CLC = D1-4 Cam Lock spindle.
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Then go to  the file SouthBendLatheFAQ-4.html
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