Re: back gear

Gregg Eshelman

I used some aluminum flue tape to make a dam surrounding some good teeth on a large bull gear for a 1920's LeBlond. After applying mold release I poured some urethane resin over the teeth to make a pattern. That was used while filing a welded up tooth to get it down to proper profile. I used yellow marking paint to find the high spots to file down. When the plastic block fit over the rebuilt tooth and the teeth to either side, it was done.

The smaller back gear had had several teeth broken and brazed, and had more broken. Just for the heck of it, I looked for a gear of that pitch etc on Amazon and found a vendor with two, $35 each. *CLICK* on buy now. Fitting it onto the back gear was a bit of fun. Originally the entire thing had been cast in one piece, hollow tube and both gears. The ends were bored to fit the shaft and the gear teeth machined. The remains of the small gear were turned off using a Monarch 12CK. The new steel gear was hogged out on a vertical mill with a shell mill then finish bored on the Monarch. Got the press fit just right to where it didn't need a cross pin or set screw through the new gear hub.

Made a far better repair than yet again rebuilding teeth, ran smoother too. Should anyone ever jam the lathe when using back gear, the pressed on gear *might* be able to slip instead of breaking things.

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weld it or have it welded and file it back in to match the rest of the teeth

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