Re: Heavy Ten Large Dials

Steve Wells

Thanks Ted,
I'll send you one to check your students work..😎...I think he was asking if the dial would fit the Hercules made SBL. I can't answer that question without the dimensions, but if they are metric, I don't have those. Had not planned to make them. I'm still working on the g-code for the compound dial. 

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Great job, Steve 👍🏻
Not to horn in on your thread, but before you go making a metric dial (low demand), 
I have some N.O.S. large metric dials in stock :-) 


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Yes that's the mount bushing, measure the length
From the saddle also.

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Hi Steve,

I'll measure it tonight when I get home. But just to clarify - since I'm new to all this stuff - we are referring to the back stationary dial diameter marked in the photo with red arrows?

Yes, its a metric machine and the dials are metric increments but all the components are imperial sizes. 

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Hi Boris,
I have a couple of heavy Ten mount bushings, but both are cracked, I use them to measure with.
I'm not familiar with the size of the Hercus made South Bend 10 " lathe dials, but I thought the feed screw bushing was shorter.
Measure the dials and is it metric or imperial? was the 260 metric?

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