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john kling

A minor point the model A has an additional  hole drilled in the bed to secure the QC box. While not a large matter the hold is drilled in lart through the v way making drilling the hole a bit of a problem.

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I guess that you refer to the whole bed, otherwise it sounds a bit painful.
Anyhow, the answer is "more or less yes": As far as I recall, especially if the C bed is from the early years of production, you probably need to file/grind the bed in a few spots in order to properly fit the quick change gear box.
Another thing to keep in mind is that bed and saddle wear together and that the saddle wears more than the bed. By just switching the bed (versus switching bed and saddle together) you risk that the fit is fairly lousy and the lathe behaves worse with the new bed than did with the old one, at least for the first five or ten years.
The proper way of doing it would be to machine and hand scrape the saddle to the new bed. Possibly, you'll need to add wear strips (Rulon, Turcite, or Moglice putty, etc.) to re-establish the proper distance between the rack and the pinion. But, even without "shimming" the saddle, you'll have less gap with the new bed compared to the old one.
Unless you're also changing bushings in the apron, gearbox and leadscrew support, I don't think it is worth worrying about leadscrew misalignment, since the current bushing have worn themselves into alignment.

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Question, can I swap  the ways from a Southbend model  c to my Southbend model a.  Found a model c with excellent ways (pristine) so I would like to use them on my model a.

thanks mikem.

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