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Yep, me too. Fortunately I have a reasonable number of collets. Unfortunately the job I want to do I don't have collets for. Now I can take the nose part of the closer off and the adapter off of the back portion and then I can close 5C collets in the spindle but... There is a problem. The ring for the spindle that locks the nose in needs to seat onto something e.g. a nose protector and that I don't have.

At this point I am looking at making a nose protector and then getting 5C collets for the job I want to do. Still chewing on it but I think I want a longer term solution.

Of course I could do the job on the 16" SB but it is a toolroom lathe and the rivett is a turret production lathe so if I have the nose protector made up then everything is much faster.

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I'd buy another lathe before paying those prices.


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$413 each per the sales person.


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