Re: Half nut lock pin on sb 9 workshop A/B apron.

john kling

I seen to have it working. I made the slot for the lock pin in the half nut lever wider. The problem might arise from my half nuts being off of a 415. 

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This is off the top, but surely:

The pin needs to act to lock either the power feed lever or the split nut lever into the disengaged position, depending upon which is engaged first.  Putting one lever into engagement should move the pin in the applicable direction.  Disengaging that and putting the other lever into the engaged position should reverse the position of the pin.  Study the cam actions which achieve this.  Does one end of the pin need a chamfered or rounded end to facilitate this action?  Has a cam had a chamfer broken off it?  Is the pin too long?

I certainly would not recomend operating the lathe without this mechanical interlock.


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 a picture might be a little of help

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I am able to shift into clutch based longitudinal and cross feed modes with the pin removed. I generally am not with the pin in place (I have the half nuts open). I have tried lubrication and polishing the pin and have reversed the pin. The pin does not have (and does not seem to need in the drawings) a spring on it. Any one have any suggestions? I am doing my tinkering with the apron removed from the lathe.  

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