Re: Heavy 10 Spindle stack questions

Gregg Eshelman

The neat thing with the thin Torrington bearings and hardened washers is they make it possible to upgrade to low friction bearings in places that originally had thrust washers which require some clearance.

I modified a 1914 Sears Expert (made by "old reliable" South Bend) with bronze bearings that were badly worn on the ends, especially the left side bearing. With Torringtons on both sides of the left bearing and the worn thrust ring re-attached to the pulley with three set screws (instead of the two plain pins that were 120 degrees apart and had come loose) counterbored to hold and hide three thin thrust washers - it ran super smooth with zero end play.

Any metal lathe with a plain washer on the left side of the left bearing should benefit from this mod. Remove all end play and reduce drag = improved accuracy, especially for left to right cutting, and reduced heat in the left bearing. Reduced heat can also improve accuracy because the spindle length will be more stable.

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