Re: New To Group C9-10JR 415-YC

john kling

Does the 415 indicate that the lathe is a model 415. The 415 is the second model (after the 405) in the narrow bed lathes. Later they were called workshop lathes and the larger swing lathe the 10k. I have a 415 which  I have added a quick change gear box and a model A/B apron to. Most parts for the 416 are also fit the 10k and the work shop lathes.

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Been thinking about Turning for a while. 
Impulse acquired what looks like a South Bend 
Model C9-10JR, Catalog number 415-YC, Serial number 6585NCR8.  

If the Serial number is on top of the the ways on the far right under where the tail stock sits when not used. 

Nice coat of dust caked oil on most surfaces with just a little light rust in what looks like mostly cosmetic locations. 

Trying to find a set of specs on all the sizes for tooling so I can keep my eye out, done some searching but there is a lot of stuff and it's not clear what applies to this lathe. Looks like this is a JR and not like many other 9" South Bend lathes. 

The chuck is three jaw  looked like it said "Pogan 431" to me but that most likely must be Logan. 

any way there is a South Bend 1-1/2" UNC thread  face plates that I could acquire and I would like to verify that this lathe has a   1-1/2" UNC thread on the spendal.

I also would like to know what a full gear complement is, if I have 13 gears in a box and a lathe full is that a complete set?

It will take a while to make progress, just oiled surfaces down a bit and starting to get information. 

I have no real turning history other then shorting some standoffs as a kid. 

Done a bit of searching so far mostly under 415-YC, Looks like a Nice group. 

Any helpful pointers gladly accepted.



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