Re: Lifting 10K onto cabinet?

john kling

One can lighten the load removing tail stock, carriage, quick change gear box and counter shaft - the weight really adds up.

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Rent a cherrie picker or aka engine lift- the type that folds out to meet the requirement, and they a compact so will go through even narrow doors.
Place a bar of steel diameter of which will be the largest that will easily fit through the spindle, long enough to protrude a good distance through both ends of the the spindle and tighten the chuck jaws, not too tightly on it.
Lathes are VERY top heavy but the major weight is all below spindle level. It of course is all at the headstock end as well.
Lifting with engine lift is quite straight forward but it is important to use, and this is optional, some1/2" rope or better yet a webbed towing strap that is commonly used to tow vehicles out of the ditch. The rental company may even have a proper sling to rent.
Then lift points are next in importance - the sling or rope should loop over each protruding end of bar through the spindle
Do an easy test lift to determine balance and check that nothing slips. using a sling is the best as they have loops at each end and generally have a entered lift point - you don't want the sling or rope to slip when balance is interrupted. It rope is being used proper knots must be used and use a half hitch on the hook.

There are other safety considerations called common sense and I can't elaborate on this but experience is a good teacher as I have had near misses, so to speak, but I have slung machines  - lathes, mills, radial drill presses et. weighing Tons and have fortunately escaped injury.
Hope this helps and someone may chime in on the South Bend instructions of years ago, I don't have a copy though, Sorry

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I have Grizzly's SB1002 10K lathe and the SB1035 cabinet.

A local professional rigger want $498 to lift the lathe from the floor to the cabinet.
There's got to be a better/cheaper way. I'm looking for suggestions.
Rent a lift of some kind?

Four men together have tried to lift and place the lathe, but it can't be done safely.


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