Re: Cross feed nut

glenn brooks <animalbrakeman@...>

Two options for replacement parts for the SB:

Latheman Ted might have one available.  latheman2@...

Also, is your cross feed screw worn?  Often the screw and nut are both worn, requiring replacing both for optimum accuracy.

Brian Miller makes replacement nuts and screws.  He made up a cross feed screw and nut for my SB  Fourteen a few months ago, at a very reasonable price.

On Monday, June 26, 2017, 1:07 PM, johnnyblock1@... [SOUTHBENDLATHE] wrote:


I am in need of a new cross feed nut for my 9 A with taper attachment . The only one available on e-bay is for the 9A without taper attachment . Can I just cut off the spigot, or is it different in another way? Thanks, John.

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