Re: Motor / Fan belt replacement? (can't seem to raise motor high enough)



Can you slide off the motor pulley, wrap the belt around it and slide it back onto the shaft? A pointed punch could help find the center if the motor shaft was center drilled.

Just a thought.

Glen Reeser

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I've had a similar problem on another machine, not my SB. We overcame this at the time by using longer mounting bolts and letting the motor sit a slack as possible until the belts were rolled on, tightening the bolts afterward and pulling the belts tight. That all sounds as though the belts could then be overtight, but it wasn't the case in practise.
Len Smith
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From: Philip
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2003 10:43 PM
Subject: [southbendlathe] Motor / Fan belt replacement? (can't seem to raise motor high enough)
Hi Gang,
I have been trying to loop the fan belts under the motor shaft but
there is just NO WAY the belts are long enough to finish the job. I
can only raise the motor so high but not high enough.
Has anyone out there ever replaced their motor only to find out
they couldn't get the belts back on?
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