Re: suggestions for shims while mounting a wide 9 souhbend to a benc [1 Attachment]

john kling

Sometimes tops are pulled together with several threaded rods- did you take that approach?

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I built a bench using 8020 extrusion. 3030 legs and1530 rails and topped with a30"x48" maple bechtop 2" thick. Adjustable feet on each foot.
fully leveled in all axis, the lathe is dead square and level on all datum. I use a grizzly master level because I couldn't hack the cost of a starett!

i can re-zero everything by torquing the mounting bolts with a 3/8" ratchet.
Please pardon my mess. I leveled it all up in oct 2014 before the stroke. I am now ready to install the powered apron and it is still dead level in all planes. making chips soon,so that metal chip pan will soon be in place.

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