resolution of backlash on 9 inch model A SB lathe compound



Some time in the last 3 years I found an article or received an email that explained and showed pics of how to resolve xs backlash in the compound screw of a 9 inch lathe.  It involved milling a new part that fit between the screw and the marked indicator rings.  Need that article but can't find it now.  Anyone know where that short paper with photographs might be found? Possible in HSM or something attached to an email. I have the rebuild/repair manual but nothing it shows nothing.  

Would appreciate any help from the group.  I am traveling from FL to WV over the next few days so pls send email or leave message on one of my phones.  Thanks.

Nelson Wood

793-343-0498 cell phone

304-754-5362 land line anytime after 2 May  

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