Re: An oldie but a goodie.

Gregg Eshelman

Then the math here failed. I used scientific mode on Windows calculator.

Try this on any version of Windows. Enter 4 then click square root, then subtract 2. The answer should be zero but you get
-1.068281969439142e-19 Do it for 9 and subtracting 3 from the result gets 1.121252885047248e-19

Microsoft still has not bothered to fix this bug with the calculator in Windows 10/

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South Bend Lathe wasn't founded until 1906 and didn't serialize Lathe's until 1910.
4540 would be from 1915


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Your lathe was made around 1904. If you want the exact date, send away to Grizzly for the info. But for one that old all you're likely to get is a copy of the ledger page listing the original shipping date.

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So I came across an oldie, serial no. 4540. The story I got is it began its life in Rock Island Arsenal,  and then in 1948 it went to Elliott and Skaggs Blacksmith Shop in Minonk, Illinois, and was used to sharpen disc blades.  From there it went to another guy in Minonk who used it to turn brake drumbs in the early 60s. It wasnt used much because it was only a small shop that didnt exist for but a short period of time.  The lady i got it from said she and her husband purchased the shop 35 or so years ago and its never been used by them. Its sat all these years greased up.. no wear.. no broken teeth on the spindle or back gears, none on any of the reversing gears or even the stud and change gears...of which theres 10 or 11. Its got its 3 and 4 jaw chucks, a faceplate and a driveplate, dogs, milling attachment, steady rest, centers, tool bits, misc. other tooling, and an overhead drive.   The headstock clearly shows split bronze bearings, and like the backg ear, turns freely.  The clutch, and the half nuts are in excellent condition as well as the other gears in the apron and the rack itself. For an old 16" x 8' dinosaur lathe, its still a goodie and has lots of life left in it.  Im sure I'll enjoy learning more  with this old beast.

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