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Hi Rick,

I had not actually disassembled the gear box until yesterday, so it
was hard to see the extent of the damage. It looked like I was
missing 1 tooth on the pinion gear and had one dinged tooth on the
spur gear adjacent to it. When I got it apart I could see that all
the teeth were stripped off the pinion gear where the mating gear
runs. I started machining a new gear last night. I have a little
Sherline lathe with an attachment that turns it into a milling
and a rotary table. I was making pretty good progress until I broke
my last small end mill. Dam#*.

I have a total of 4 lathes in my collection. I guess one would be a
useful tool, two would be a neccessary spare, three is a collection,
and four is an obsession.

My obsession of lathes follows:

Sherline 3.5" X 14" hobby lathe + many attachments
Antique Jewellers Lathe with sewing machine motor + collets
South Bend 9" X 48" bed C
South Bend 9" X 36" bed A

Oh, I forgot one

Brent CXC mud turning lathe....any other potters out there?


Glen Reeser

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After all that, I installed the bull gear and continued to work
the A. I found two gears in the quick change gear box have
teeth. Dam#*
Glen, take a look at message 868 for ideas on rebuilding gear
Depending on the width of the gear and teeth you might consider
drilling and tapping the broken area for one or more small set
vs brads or wire (much better grip) and then follow the remainder
the procedure with the jb weld. If you have adjacent broken teeth,
one at a time.

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