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I keep a gallon of diesel , some paint thinner, and a gallon of Evaporust around the shop to clean my lathes and mills - load the diesel a quart at time in a laundry room plastic spray bottle.  Squirt a little on your dirty/rusty surface and scrub down with shop rags, an abrasive green sponge, or the occasional LIGHT use of 600 grit wet dry sand paper for difficult  rust spots. A quick overwipe with paint thinner cuts the excess diesel if you want to get rid of residue.  

Also you may look at cleaning the ways with Vactra way oil to remove all traces of the grey slurry that comes out from under of the saddle onto the V's when you first lube it.  The grey colored oily smears  are composed of minute metal dust picked up by the way oil, and caused by the saddle wearing against the ways.  This grey slurry acts as an abrasive and eats into the matched surfaces as your saddle travails back and forth.  A lot of people in industry clean this stuff religiously off their machines. Sometimes takes four or five cleanings in a row to see clean oil roll out of the saddle .  But it's worth it.

Afterwards I always coat all the bare metal surfaces with way oil.  It collets dirt and grime from the air, but is super good at protecting the surfaces.  Just wipe off and recoat each time you use the lathe.  

Sounds like you will be getting a very nice, tight machine!


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It was as advertised. Picking it up Saturday. Busy making room in the shop (basement) for it, as it is quite large. The apparent corrosion on the thread dial was an anomaly in the photo, no corrosion on the dial at all.

A lot of the paint shows cracks and much of it looks like it will flake right off. Any thought on repair? I certainly don't need/want to repaint it, but would like to get the built up dust off of it without doing any additional damage.

Anyone tried electrostatic paint? Years ago I watched a guy paint some office furniture with it and was amazed at the quality of the paint job and the almost non-existent overspray.

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