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These items fit USPS flat rate boxes....



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Another suggestion if you have some time...

Search Craigslist ( Both local and around the country ) for a machinist who is retiring.   They usually have excellent equipment and have taken great care of it.  They are looking for someone who is willing to pay more than import prices for items.  Also they are usually willing to make a better deal on a "bundle".



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I have used this tool post in trade school and two shops I worked at later on and there is non finer. One of variations in the Engineering shop had an indexing which was incredibly repeatable. I now have a Chinese import and what I call the Eindia special, both of which are acceptable for home shop but a far cry from an honest wit-hour-per-day shop use. In fact the E-special is NOT repeatable and is perhaps junk after hobby shop use of 8 years.
Bottom line; you have made a wise lifetime purchase and I for one am envious

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