Re: Metric Transposing gears for South Bend Fourteen

Gregg Eshelman

I'm pretty certain they're something other than 14 pitch. 14DP has been "obsolete" since not long after WW2. There's one company on Earth that has stock 14DP gears, but only in 20PA. They're in the UK.

When the machine tool industry needed 14DP gears sometime in the 70's, they came up with 2.75MOD metric. It's very near identical to 14DP. But by the late 80's the industry declared 2.75MOD "obsolete". Should you ever happen to need gearbox drivetrain gears for a mid sized Takang lathe, your wallet will really feel the pinch, just like getting 14DP 14.5PA for the WW2 and earlier smaller Monarch lathes.

Another thing industry has decided is "obsolete" is a single keyed 35mm drive sheave shaft for 3HP variable speed drives. Sometime in the late 90's all the companies that make those decided to use splined shafts for 3HP and higher. So if you need new sliding bushings for your 1980's to mid 90's milling machine drive, you either get to replace the motor and drive sheave, or make your own bushings.

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I think even the SB Fourteen used 14.5 PA gears, just like the coneheads. I would assume 14 DP, but you would need to measure what you have now. Count the current endgear teeth, and show a picture of the gearbox plate. Also tell us the leadscrew pitch.

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