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John Losch

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822+ people, wind surfing and a beer hall.
What did I miss in Klitmoeller?

I have an 11” Moody lathe, it’s a Quebec Ont. clone of the SBL9C.
I have modified it also. What mods did you do to your Boxford?

I have found that SBL parts do NOT fit exactly and need to be 
sleeved, bored or ground .

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Welcome to the group. 

How do you keep the swarf from bothering your wife with the lathe so close to the laundry?

Mine is near also but walled off. I vacuum several times a day and still have issues. 



Jim B. 



To all:

Please pardon my ignorance, but what is a conical gib adjustment?  It may be something familiar to everybody but me, but it gets past me by that name.  Thanks for any information.  

John Losch  

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Hello from Cold Hawaii also known as Klitmoeller in Denmark.

I have a much changed Boxford that I think turns better than before operation.

At lot of spares parts for SB and Boxords are interchangeable and there are many times more SBs around.A   T-slotted crosslide with conical gib adjustment is my next  dream.


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