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Gregg Eshelman

Penetrol is to add to oil based paints. Helps them bond better with other paints and various surfaces, plus helps with self leveling out brush marks. Floetrol does the same for water based paints. Paint Bonding Coat (PBC) is clear and used as a surface prep to coat non-porous surfaces like bare metal and to fill and consolidate porous or loose/flaky/chalky surfaces.

My father was a professional painter for many years and used all those on every job that used oil or latex paint*. I worked with him on several house painting jobs, those products, when used properly, are like frigging magic for paint. :)

*Except for all the Texaco stations he painted all over the Pacific Northwest, the company chose an automotive type of paint, apparently because it was the only thing they could get their Matawan Green and Matawan Red colors in.

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Could I request a little clarification, please?  In the UK, when I was a kid in the '50s & '60s, "Penetrol" was a pungent liquid dripped onto a handkerchief which could be applied to the nose at intervals as an almost entirely ineffective nasal decongestant.  The only benefit appeared to be the ability to recognise a kid with a cold from a safe distance by the smell and maintain that distance to reduce cross infection.   I'm nearly certain you don't mean this stuff!

Would I be right in thinking that you mean the type of thinners appropriate to the type of paint?  (White spirit / cellulose thinners.)

Just a couple of weeks ago, I tried to paint some water based paint over an oil based primer which had had at least 2 weeks to dry (and it's summer here, still).  It wouldn't spread, kept bunching, had to wipe it off after not getting very far.

Conversely, a loco painted with "Copon" 2 pack water based at least 15, possibly more, years ago is holding up well, although it's about due now.  There was no oil based primer under it, just a smear of sanded 2 pack ordinary car body filler blending to bare metal.  2 pack epoxy paint is fairly easy to use and as hard as, well, epoxy.

What I can't get my head around is the instruction to paint water based paint over bare steel.  Rust should have set in before the paint has hardened.


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