Lift test (was Run Out)

Ron Goodger


There is another consideration concerning the lift test.  What kind of torque do you have on the bearing cap bolts?  Chances are good that they have been removed in the past, and with no torque specs available (that I have been able to find), they might not have been tightened back down enough.  I know for a fact that how much torque is on those bolts affects the spindle play in the bearings.  When I rebuilt my 10L, the bolts came loose with almost no effort.  I had checked play and it was at .001", so it was good.  When I put it back together, I thought the cap bolts should be a bit tighter than they had been.  It took very little torque to tighten the bearings onto the shaft so that the spindle would not turn by hand.  I had to loosen them up a bit to get the clearance back to where it had been previously.

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