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Steve Wells

That statement is a tad Harsh.
One question for you...Have you ever heard of or ran a Lagun lathe, or for that matter a Republic/Lagun
same manufacturer for both, but South Bend controlled quality and electronics
I am waiting on the Digital EVS and am considering buying one.

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Grizzly now has the rights to the south bend lathes Grizzly don't make anything they just private lable. As far as i know they are made in Brazil. I recommend you look for a good used one with hardened ways.

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Subject: [SOUTHBENDLATHE] new sb lathes

Out of curiosity I would like to learn more about SB super precision lathes. That I spend $28,000 for one for the garage is to over state it remote.

What does super precision mean? Are the designed in the USA? Where are they made. Is there a nearly identical lathe out there with a different badge on it?

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