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John Losch


To all,

For one lathe, I would recommend replacing the motor, and selling the 3 Phase to someone who can use it.  I too run an M-Head Bridgeport on a capacitor, or static phaser which I bought so many years ago I can’t remember what it cost.  I know it was under $100.  It shares its time with a 3/4 horse 3 phase 3400 RPM motor on a small TMZ surface grinder.  I would not buy a $300 rotary phaser unless you expect to add one or more than one machine requiring three phase current.  Jcl

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I've been running a B'port 1/2 horse on a static with no trouble for years.

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Hello all,

I am buying a 1966 SB 9A with an original 1/2 horsepower 208 volt, 3 phase motor. My question is, should I buy a rotary phase converter for 300 dollars, or buy a new motor that is 120 volts? I'm not sure how all of this works. 

Thanks, John

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