Subject: Re: Miniature oilers

John Losch

Myles wrote:

I agree. I'm finding there are a lot of amateurs out there making great videos that are well worth the watch. I'm disappointed in Keith, abom and others who now want to make a profit on their videos. I've simply stopped watching them for that reason. Bottom line is that one can really learn quickly with all the YouTube videos in your area of interest like no time in the the past.


To all:

I find it a little unfair to suggest that anyone making educational videos should be criticized for expecting to make a profit doing so.  Until you have tried doing the same thing, you will have no idea what it costs in knowledge, experience, equipment, help, and video-know-how to make those films.  Just look at all the videos where the producer can’t even hold the camera still long enough to figure out what he is trying to show you.  Have you listened to the many on You Tube who obviously don’t know what they are talking about?  They are poison!  

I watch a lot of those fellows.  Some are strictly amateur, and I find myself saying to myself, "No, no, do it this way.”  I also sometimes want to tell the two Keiths, Abomb, Mr. Pete, who is sometimes in over his head, “Come on, get to the point.”  those fellows all seem to get a little wordy, but it can be remedied occasionally by moving the cursor ahead on their videos.  On the other hand, Clickspring would do no harm to dwell a little longer on some of his details.  I haven’t seen that they are trying to make money on their offerings, so perhaps I have missed something.  Regardless, I appreciate that so many skilled craftsmen are willing to share their experience with the rest of us.  

I am too old to pretend false modesty.  I have a long lifetime of experience, and I have spent part of that time teaching it to others.  Still, when I watch many of the you tube videos I learn things.  Occasionally I see something that makes me think, Damn!  I should have known that years ago.  

I wish those guys could make money for what most of them give us, and I appreciate that they give so much gratis.     Jcl


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