Re: Southbend lathe from 1911/12. [2 Attachments]

Gregg Eshelman

Fix everything that needs fixing. Clean it up real nice. Should be able to flip it locally for some more than you paid for it. Meanwhile you learn a bunch about using a lathe.

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Subject: [SOUTHBENDLATHE] Re: Southbend lathe from 1911/12. [2 Attachments]

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I managed to turn up a bushing, out of a 3/4 rod, that the gear slips over, that spaces it out, drill a half inch hole in the middle, and mount another gear in the chain, that made the carriage to move in reverse. So Theoretically I can turn up a new screw for the cross slide if I grind an acme thread cutter. Never ground my own tool either, so yet another first.

If anyone does have interest in it for it's age and history, I definitely have no specific attachment to it, and am just after the utility. I'd trade for a better lathe, or enough to buy one. I'm not going to sell it unless it's getting me a better lathe, and will just use it for now if nobody wants it.

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