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John Losch


To all,

Some of these threads run together and become hard to sort.  From what I can disassemble, jfriend314@...  has listed three SB lathes he has.  (See somewhere slightly below this message.)  I have turned the pertinent part of his message into red print.

I was interested because his 9 inch Model A was originally shipped almost within days 
of when I bought my identical lathe from Packard Machine, Cambridge, MA in the spring of 1956.  Today I turned my office inside out, and I have all the material relative to my lathe that came with it EXCEPT the sales slip.  I even have the inspector’s slip approving the lathe for shipment.  My mother managed the office to my just beginning business, and she kept items of that sort in files for tax purposes.  That piece of paper may still exist somewhere upstairs in my barn.  (God help my kids, because they are going to have to go through 70 years of records.  Perhaps they will do the right thing and just burn them.) There is no hidden cash in those files.  

That was the only machine tool I ever bought brand new.  I got it well equipped even with a steel cabinet bench.  I paid about $1,000 for the lathe.  What drew my attention to jfriend’s message was the numbers.  His lathe is SN: 38987NAR9, CL644A4.  My lathe is SN: 38299NAR9 CL744A.  There is a difference of 688 lathes.   Both are 4 beds.  It interests me that in such a short time the catalogue # changes although slightly.  jFriends lathe is CL644A .  On my lathe, the # is CL744A.

This kind of information is probably the equivalent of information for people who collect baseball statistics.  I pass it on for the benefit of data collectors on this list.   That lathe is still in regular use, although regular is a subjective term.  I am retired and dont work much anymore, but I can assure you it will be my heirs who decide what becomes of my machine shop.  It doesnt go until I do.  

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Thanks I will enter them in the am. 
I would speculate that NBS was the known purchaser through the Distributer Wills. 
NBS now NIST would have published an RFQ. Perhaps with the assistance of Wills. Wills would have responded and SB kept on board. 
Just my thoughts. 

Jim B,

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Jim B, finally got around to getting the SB/Grizzly card for my latest SB lathe, a Catalog CL344ZN 3-1/2 foot bed UMD, s/n 28526NKR7. This one shipped March 21, 1952 to Wills Co in Los Angeles. My other two running SB's also went to Wills who was probably the Los Angeles/SoCal SB distributor.

Any thoughts on the "Bureau of Standards" note???

The other lathes, if you don't have them recorded yet are

9 Inch Model A horizontal drive (16 speed V-belt, 4 foot bed), s/n 38987NAR9, CL644A 4, 4-2-1956.

13 Inch , s/n 6715TKX13, CLC145B, 6-25-1958. Wills to Cal Poly, Kellogg Campus in Pomona (where I was an Aero Engineer, maybe I used it back then!

I have the cards for them also.


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