Re: Lathes on casters

Stephen Bartlett

General Electric has (had?) a huge boring mill at its Lynn, Mass. River Works plant. This thing had ways around fifty feet long and bored a circle at least 5 feet diameter. The traveling gantry was at least 20 feet high. Chips were an inch and a half wide, 3/4 inch thick, several inches long, and dark blue when they came off the work. Often the cuts were on a half circle, interrupted cut.

I don't know what its foundation was, but it waa located on a filled-in marshland. Every couple of years it required re-leveling, a big project.

Steve Bartlett

Ondrej Krejci wrote:

Yes, machine tools, large and small, owned by money making enterprises are bolted to the floor in order to produce accuracy and precision. The larger the machine, the better the foundation. If one buys a bridge or gantry milling machine, one will spend at least fifty thousand dollars on reinforced concrete.On the contrary, someone at home, who doesn't make money with his machines and doesn't mind chasing taper out of his work, can have them mounted any way he wants.

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