Saddle wear evaluation

Ron Goodger

The quickest way to evaluate saddle condition is to remove the way wipers and look at the ends of the saddle ways.  Attached are photos of all four corners of my heavy 10L saddle.  I would expect downward pressure of cutting to cause more wear on the left end of the saddle and that is the case with mine.  I have a feeler gauge stuck under each corner and you can see that the left ends are literally riding on the flats of the bed ways.  You can also see that the top of the bed ways is cutting into the groove in the saddle way.  The right side of the saddle shows some remaining clearance, but you can still see the wear depth at the ends of the saddle Vs.

When looking at the bottom of this saddle, the grooves worn in the ways are evident.  The saddle being down by 40 thousandths is causing the apron to ride heavy on the lead screw.  This saddle needs built up and re-scraped to bring it back to the proper height on the bed.  If I find a used saddle, chances are that it may not be much better.  I'm looking at the possibility of using turcite or moglice to build up the ways.  I'm also considering just milling the existing wear grooves to a uniform depth of 50 thousandths to square up the ways and bolting 60 thousandths thick strips of stainless steel in the grooves with flat head machine screws.  The weight of the saddle/taper attachment combo should hold the shims very flat.

Any comments and/or suggestions will be appreciated.



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