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Ron Goodger

Interesting map.  I see mine has not made it onto the map yet.


I found this nameplate underneath a coat of poorly applied gray paint on my 1942 heavy 10.  It took many hours of tedious work with the tip of an Xacto knife and a jeweler’s visor to get it into the condition in the attached photo.  Interesting that an hour of searching google did not turn up a photo of this nameplate.




Sent: Saturday, February 6, 2016 9:50 AM
Subject: [SOUTHBENDLATHE] Southbend owners map



This has not been posted for awhile. It is a map of where all our laths are located. Beware it is interactive and you do not need to enter your exact address. It is just cool to see where all the lathes are located.

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South Bend Lathe Owners Map

South Bend Lathe Owners Map

(Edit) South Bend Lathe Owners Map

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As a task find Southbend Lathe Works. Kinda like find  Elmo.

This map was created by Bill from Cincy a SB heavy 10 member.

Also I want to thank Jim B for the years of hard work and fair play he has put into this site. I have helped a bit as a moderator but do to health problems I had to back off.

Ed S


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