Re: Second metric gear: success!

Gregg Eshelman

On 1/31/2016 5:21 PM, [SOUTHBENDLATHE] wrote:

I just used super glue, coated the surface's with it then slid it
together, a slight interference fit

The surface area of contact is huge so the forces on the joint a very
minimal as they are well spread out.
That's one thing that surprisingly does not work very well on PLA. I have a thing I had printed up, working on filling and smoothing the surfaces I want to not have the 3D printed texture when I get around to making a silicone mold.

The bits I've super glued together have come off a few times, which results in a setback on the process due to having to redo some of the finishing.

With ABS a little acetone or common ABS pipe cement will have it stuck together permanently.

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