Re: Big Snow of January 23

john kling

I would speculate that your wife sees your machine tools a core part of the big anchor.

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Thank you Nelson. 
We, my wife and I, are trying to move. 30 odd years of living in the same house and all the junk is a big anchor. 

Jim B,

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My heart goes out to you, the snow that covers everything, I think I'll keep my 28° and hibernate in the house where I can control temp. I just hope we do not have any part of the white stuff. I reason I live in Florida is that, no snow.  May the temperature will go up for both of us.
Nelson Collar 

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Well we survived.
I am waiting for the plow just now.
He did a quick pass yesterday. My daughter was on call at the Local power company.
The picture is at the back door and my wife’s car.
Jim B.
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