Re: Old South Bend lathe.

john kling

I not sure that the previous comment went through. It noted that some early lathes did not have guards for the back gears. I looked at the Tony Griffth lathe history/compendum. It has a picture of a 1910 SB with no guards on the back gears. So as was noted the nickle plated guards for the back gears might not be original.

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Yes that is Japanning. 
Singer made a lot of things beside Sowing machines. They, of course made the wood canners. Because of that they also had a furniture division. 
I worked, for a while until we were taken over, for Singer Electronic Systems. Kerfott Guidance and Navigation (KG&N) was a sister division. They did and still do Inertial guidance systems. Many use Ring Laser Gyroscopes (RLG Google it). 
It was a really advanced company. 

Jim B,

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I didn't know that Singer made machines that planted crops.

Actually I have a 1920ish Singer that i use to sew vinyl for my
pontoon boat. It is a very nice shiny black. I wonder if that is japaning.


At 04:45 PM 1/21/2016, you wrote:

>Like Singer sowing machines.
>Jim B,

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