Any Grizzly/South Bend owners on the list?

Gregg Eshelman

Just curious if there are. I'm wondering how well, or not, anyone likes the 8K that was discontinued and cleared out last year for under $2000.

I've seen quite a few raves about the larger new South Bend lathes on other forums, but that 8K was obviously a very much altered 9x20, except for some reason left untouched was the 9x20's worst feature the flimsy compound slide mounting ring.

It would be interesting to see a comparison between the 8K and any 9x20.

Far as I've seen, all the 9x20's and 8x20's are near identical and all share the same problems that no manufacturer* has bothered to fix in the long history of knockoffs of the Emco 8x20.

*Except the new South Bend, but then they went and made it an 8" and used cogged belts for the gearbox drive, and didn't improve the cross and compound slides. Certainly not the equal of the venerable 9" Workshop.

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