Re: on bed design.

Round bed Drummonds have a slot at the bottom of the tube, and the leadscrew is inside it.  There always seem to be a few on ebay UK.  Probably controversial, but I'd put them in the category of "exhibit" rather than "tool" nowadays, although it is fair to say that a great many were made and sold and doubtless did good work.  Many had treadle drive.  My first lathe work was on a later flat bed Drummond.  Drummond eventually were bought out by Myford.


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Looking at pictures of Hardinge lathes that have what looks somewhat like a wide flat bed, I see that they have angles on both the front and back side. In a sense this like having a single inverted V  - with several inches of metal where the peak would otherwise be. So I will take the Hardinge off of the precision flat bed lathes. I have seen pictures of 1900 Drummond lathes with a tube type bed. The pictures do not reveal a slot in the "tube" - which I assume must be there to make any sense as a design.

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