Re: lathe spindle RPM

john kling

I often avoid figuring out any problem that  I do not badly need an answer to - and even many that I do. That said is the calculation not a just involve the product of the sequence of ratios of the circumfrances of the pulleys (with the v pulleys needing special consideration)?  This is an intuitive answer.

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Jim V

I was refering to the RPM but i like your thinking.

It took a little searching but I found the broom stick method in the file section. The idea was to mark the spindle then turn the motor by hand and count the revolutions. See th file here.

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are we talking about lathe rpm or Hillary's natural mode of transportation????

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I thought you would post the broom stick method.

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This is what I get:

Countershaft with the 16" pulley = 273.44 RPM
6.5" pulley to 3.25" pulley = 546.88 RPM
5.5" pulley to 4.375" pulley = 343.75 RPM
4.25" pulley to 5.5" pulley = 211.29 RPM


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