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Lance, this is the B&S manual that I cleaned up and had posted to a bulletin board a few years ago.  It managed to make its way here onto the vintage machinery site.
Lube is filled in the resevoir just behind the right front side of the machine, and is pumped up through the drip site, then runs back down through a series of passages and galleys, lubricating the machine as it drops.

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I am looking for someone with experience 
with a Brown and Sharpe #13 universal grinder
of the single internal drive belt style.

I need to know:

1- how the table auto-feed is driven internally
2- where the table lube oil fill reservoir is located
3- how the spindle auto-feed is driven internally
4- what the electrical connect pin-outs for the work head are.

Is anyone aware of a repair manual or detailed parts blow-up 
for this very old machine. 



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