Re: South Bend FOURTEEN


I moved a 16" using the biggest UHaul trailer. Each end of the lathe was jacked up and a homemade

dolly placed underneath. The dollies were constructed from heavy duty casters from tractor supply,

2"x6" lumber, and bolted together. The lathe was ratchet strapped to the dollies and winched onto the trailer with two come-a-longs.

The lathe was placed long ways on the trailer such that the headstock was closest to the truck end of the trailer and the tailstock towards the rear of the trailer. It was pulled forward against a block of 4"x4"s, about 30" long, to prevent the lathe from load shifting forward. It was ratchet strapped to the trailer's rails, front,

rear, and both sides.

The come-a-longs were used to winch it off the trailer. The move completed by myself, without issue.


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