Re: Home Page Pictures needed

Gregg Eshelman

On 11/19/2015 10:32 PM, 'Ron Goodger' [SOUTHBENDLATHE] wrote:

Wow! Can I come and see that? I need some tips on how to make mine
look like that, seeing as how it’s almost completely torn down right now
for the rebuild.

I talked to a man today who was a machining school instructor for many
years. He said NOT to machine the bottom of my saddle to fix the wear
because that will make it sit hard on the apron gear. I guess it will
have to be built up in some manner to fix it, or just replace it if I
can find one.
If you grind or scrape or whatever the bed to make the ways straight, you have to do something to the saddle to raise it back up so the distance down to the lead screw stays the same.

An alternate way is to lower the lead screw support at the right end and the gearbox at the left end. The gear banjo can accommodate the slight position difference of the headstock etc.

Lathe saddles tend to wear in a curve, more at each end than in the middle, especially when the bed wear is in a short area. That indicates the lathe was mostly used for short work.

Standard practice when using non-metallic substances to build up the bottom of a lathe saddle is to mill the bearing surfaces straight so the added material will all be the same thickness.

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