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Ron Goodger

Wow!  Can I come and see that?  I need some tips on how to make mine look like that, seeing as how it’s almost completely torn down right now for the rebuild.


I talked to a man today who was a machining school instructor for many years.  He said NOT to machine the bottom of my saddle to fix the wear because that will make it sit hard on the apron gear.  I guess it will have to be built up in some manner to fix it, or just replace it if I can find one.




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Here's a picture of my lathe that I call "Latheman Special".

It is a customized 12 3/4" South Bend.



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Having just changed the home page picture, I need further contributions.


I wish to thank George Burton for his contributions.

Let’s have some more from the group. They do not need to be pristine and can be a work in progress or a daily beater.

Working lathes are lively too.


Jim B.



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