Re: Lead Screw Material

ken campbell

if you are replacing both leadscrew and nut, why not use your choice of lead . after all you are just moving the table or vertical slide  .
i recommend buying the leadscrew from mcmaster-carr, as others have mentioned , i know professional rebuilders that do just that when factory parts are not to be had . .
also, i have made several medium duty nuts from delrin .... they are easy to cut, and are self-threading if you plan ahead .... and have zero backlash when self-threaded .  i bore the major diameter to 80 or 90 per cent of lead screw diameter .... then do a starter thread or two, then self tap.  so far, they haven't stripped ... i see others have done delrin nuts and split the nut then friction welded the nut halves ON the leadscrew .... i just did a solid nut with a bored hole .  not sure if this would work for your app., but might be worth a thought  .

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