Re: New Al Babbin ID, interntt fraud site


Try this one.


Federal Trade Commission

They have an online complaint form you can fill out. I haven't
it yet, but I will. When I get a complaint number or whatever they
do, I will post it here so you can all reference mine when you
complain. If someone else beats me to it I hope you will do the same.

Glen Reeser

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Well here is the sad truth of this site and all the others.

I called the Secret Service -- responsible for internet crime --
don't ask
me why -- they said he had to steal $ 100,000 before they would
a case.

The FBI gave me the WEB site below and let me fill out a form -- so
nothing has resulted from that.

Called the postal service they said fill out a form - I asked them
for an
off the record answer on if it would do any good and they said he
stolen enough to warrant an investigation.

I called the local law enforcement and they said the internet
jurisdiction so they weren't interested unless a Federal agency
opened an
investigation. Pretty sad state of affairs huh?

Now there is the proposed "International Tour of Machine Tool
Dealers" that
includes a visit to Al's place with complementary baseball bats. (
this is
a joke) -- I have already been kicked off Ebay once for supposedly
threatening Al when I told his alias AlbertGeo that I was sending
him the
money for the item I had bid on but that if he was Al Babins and he
ship me the item I was coming back there personally and rip his
beating heart out of his chest and shoving it down he throat.
turned me in and Ebay who has no sense of humor threw me off Ebay
threatening one of their members.

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Address below is an internet fraud site, perhaps someone has
gone to them with a complaint, but if not this may be another
avenue. Apparently Al Babbin (ID ffrd592) has figured out that he
can keep changing his ID etc and keep right on listing with bogus
info. His prices, multiple listings and (0) feedback now give him
away to our group, but had this not been a topic on the SB group,
would have been tempted to purchase/bid. Thank you folks! His web
site and ebay listing have exceptionally well done photographs
talks a good game, guess that how he sell stuff. Be good I guess
someone would do a sting, Ebay where are you when you are needed..
big tom
13" SB

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