Re: New Al Babbin ID


I just found this group yesterday. I was scanning the message board
when I saw the name Al Babin. I guess I don't have to warn this
group not to deal with him. I have not read enough of the thread to
know if you all are aware of Best Machine on Andale, Ezeetool on
(defunct now),, NE Machinery auctions,and now
Bend Lathe Parts on Andale. All Al Babin enterprises. I finally got
my money back from Babin when I threatened to report him for fraud. I
have a picture of a bull gear I bought from Kris Kuhl on E-bay
receive for about 3 months and only after threats of police action
did I finally get the part). The same digital picture was on a Yahoo
auction. I bought the same part twice from these people.

I would not buy anything machinery related from anywhere within 100
miles of Bristol Connecticut.

Glen Reeser

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