New toy

Chuck Lippmeier

My newest toy is a Bridgeport Milling machine. I sold 5 cords of old firewood for $500 and an old rusty trailer for $150. In Craigslist there was this listing for the Bridgeport with a full collet set, VFD (to convert 115VAC to 3 phase), a Digital Read Out (DRO), a coolant system, a tie down set, a set of gauge blocks and two mill vices for $500, all in excellent condition. Until now, I'd only seen a Bridgeport in this condition with these addons for around $4000.
I installed it today next to my South Bend 9A lathe and now I can do just about anything a regular machine shop can do with solid metal.
In order to get the mill here I had to rent a Penske 26' truck with the 1 ton lift gate. So, I drove it to Somerville, MA to pick up the mill and returned home to off load it. That was the biggest truck I ever drove. Somehow I feel like I just graduated to another level of guyhood.

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