Re: I made a bolt! (and a threading dial ;)

Gregg Eshelman

On 5/31/2015 5:56 PM, DJ Delorie [SOUTHBENDLATHE] wrote:

I do plan on 3D printing some gears for the 34, though, to give it
metric threading capabilities. We'll see if ABS plastic is strong
enough for the task! I'm only making the transposition gear, so I
don't have to worry about driving a shaft or stripping a keyway. I
should be able to make do with two sets, one for small threads (0-1mm)
and one for large threads (1+mm). Unlike metal gears, I can print
both gears as one unit, so there's no problem about how to connect
them together.
For anything that needs to take mechanical stress you should set it to 100% in-fill.

Since your printer can print ABS, you should be able to adjust the temperature to print nylon, which tends to have better layer adhesion. Whats extra nice is nylon filament can be bought really cheap as string trimmer line.

Google 3D printed gears and you'll find some folks who have printed nylon gears for Atlas and 9x20 and some other lathes. On Thingiverse there's at least one full set of Atlas change gear models to download.

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