Re: I made a bolt! (and a threading dial ;)

DJ Delorie

Why did it take 5 hrs to assemble?
Not sure where the day went, but...

The print had "scaffolding" around it to hold up the overhangs. It
all had to be removed. Carefully. Turns out there's a bug in my
slicer that makes the scaffolding stick to the part more than it

I had to figure out how to clamp a triangular section while the ABS
glue set. Turns out the lathe chuck was almost ideal for this,

The slicer put scaffolding INSIDE the axle hole to hold up the edge of
a relief I added. If I had known how hard that would be to remove, I
would have designed it differently.

3D printing is not exact. All the holes had to be reamed, and where
appropriate, threaded. It's like working with a casting.

I only had long setscrews so had to shorten them. I tried a few ways
to hold them in the 34 before remembering I had a small chinese lathe,
which could hold them directly.

I had to make a bolt. This took longer than you'd expect because I'm
not a machinist. At least, I don't think of myself as one yet :-)

I had to remember where I left all my hand tools...

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