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john kling

Were V belts and option on any of the 9" 1936 lathes?  

I have a 415 and have converted it more or less to a model A. I have not yet drilled the extra hole in the bed. It seems like a place without equipment like a large mill where a mess might be made. I have kept all the change gears and lead screw so the next owner can decide between historical accuracy and simplicity and the advantage of qc and a clutch.

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Found a link to this group on Practical Machinist and here I am :).

I have 2 SB 9" lathes. One is a 1960 Model A that I refurbished 2 years ago for use at work and the other I picked up last week, it's a 1936 Model C with V-belt drive, s/n 70420. The "new" one needs a bunch of work, but I'm looking forward to getting it running again. It's a bit different from the 1960 machine, the spindle oilers are on top of the bearing caps and the motor drive is different. I've attached some photos.


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