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john kling

Nice. Thread dials have like some other parts become pricey. I guess its supply and demand. The fact that early lathes did not have them both reduces  and increases the demand for people wanting to make threading easier.

On Thursday, October 30, 2014 10:01 PM, "markfrazier16137@... [SOUTHBENDLATHE]" wrote:

   A while back I posted a thread dial I made for my 9 inch lathe with stuff from my scrap box. It works great, was easy to make in a few hours and was super cheap to make, but it was a little modern looking to me and I desire one similar to the original style. so, I am building another that suits me better.
   It is almost done, so I am posting a couple of photos for anyone interested. This unit is being built at a cost of ZERO dollars. I got all the metal from my scrap box and am using the gear I made in a thread I posted several days ago. another goal  here is to show how to make a quality tool for no or very little cost and keep it simple enough for even beginners to make. I have a complete write up for this on my own web site but if there is enough interest, I can send the file to Jim B. and he can upload it if it is suitable. or you can PM me to get it.


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