Re: pinion gear for 9A, 1924 mfger.

Steve Yasgur

Allan, here are the critical dimensions, less any info on gear pitch.

length of assembly:  2.32”
teeth: 46 large gear
14 pinion gear
diameter: 2.4” large gear
1.134 pinion gear
shaft diameter: 0.810
gear width: 0.447” large
0.527 pinion

These are caliper measurements only, so . . .

Ted (latheman2@...) sent a picture of an old complete assembly he has for sale, which may provide an answer.

Thanks!  Still interested in options!


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On Oct 21, 2014, at 4:29 PM, 'm. allan noah' kitno455@... [SOUTHBENDLATHE] <SOUTHBENDLATHE@...> wrote:

Steven, there was no 9A in 1924. I'm wondering if you don't have a
Series O wide-bed 9 inch lathe? Why don't you measure the outer
diameter of the pinion, and we'll see if a repair part can be found.


On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 5:15 PM, Stevan Yasgur steve@...
> Listmates—
> I have the above lathe with one broken pinion gear tooth, and a second tooth
> mashed and about to be torn off. picture attached. The pictures I’ve seen
> of replacement pinion gears/shafts don’t show the boss which is visible on
> the ways side of the gear the pinion shaft passes through. I suspect this
> construction is different from later models of the 9A apron as shown on a
> parts list I have. The larger gear behind it is double-keyed to the shaft.
> The big gear has 46 teeth.
> I need to replace the pinion gear, but am not sure what configuration to buy
> if one comes up on ebay. I checked with Grizzly, and their inventory of
> parts does not include that pinion gear. Further, it appears that the gear
> itself is really a gear-and-shaft construction. The “shaft” showing in this
> end shot is really the shaft that the gear revolves around.
> Any help enormously appreciated! Thanks!
> Steve
> Stevan S. Yasgur
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